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Trakcoin was founded in 2018 by 2 visionary musical creatives Josh Crosby and Geoffrey Davis. Following many music successes as a record label and production team, they expanded into technology to close the untranslatable gap between the music business, social media, and the tech world. Trakcoin is a Hybrid non-traditional “DIGITAL LABEL” that houses recording artists, music producers, songwriters, A&Rs, tech specialist and an ever-expanding think tank that strive to push the envelope in entertainment and quality control.

Trakcoin is a Hong Kong based company with US operations that is managed by Josh Crosby and Geoffrey Davis. The company is not just a record label, it is also a tech company and aims to be a merchant bank for recording artists and the entertainment business. The company intends to develop its own Blockchain so that other creatives interested in creating their own coin as a value for themselves, can piggyback off the Trakcoin Blockchain platform.


The founders started off as a production company and put the rest into motion. They are now a “Hybrid Music & Entertainment Tech Company”.  They have their hands in Tech, Publishing, Licensing, Management, Google Cloud App Development, and they are a record label. The owners of Trakcoin consist of Omaha Nebraska “Scarlet War”, Geoffrey davis (Director/Executive A&R & Songwriter) and “YFRS” (Director/CTO & executive Producer) Josh Crosby. 

The biggest thing that they have been working on is “Digital Intellectual Property Acquiring Technology” from the Silicon Valley aspect in regards to publishing, licensing, production, and artificial intelligence most importantly that will close the gap between Music Publishing and Music Royalties using non-traditional methods such as A.I (Artificial Intelligence).  By launching Trakcoin, the founders believe they will be able provide creatives with an opportunity to launch their own coin, eventually creating and Exchange of sorts specifically for individuals in the music & entertainment business.

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